21 June 2018 | Event | Urban Religion

Many cities were shaped by religious movements. In Amsterdam in the Middle Ages almost a third of the buildings were monasteries and other religious buildings. For some time the view was that religion would disappear. A neighborhood like the Bijlmermeer was designed for such a secular, non-religious future. Yet, this future never came and ironically the Bijlmer currently houses the highest number of religious communities in the Netherlands. What’s happening in the city when it comes to religion, and what does the future look like?

In this second edition of De Staat Van God we bring you inspiring mini-classes by top of the rank researchers and professionals in the field. How did the religious history of Amsterdam shape this city? Which urban spaces shape the identities of young Muslims in Newcastle? Why do cities around the world seem to be the perfect breeding ground for evangelical mega-churches? How do secular city dwellers find meaning and spirituality in an urban context? Join us in Pakhuis de Zwijger, and find out!


From secularizing to christianizing the city of AmsterdamAssociate Professor Sociology and Anthropology of Religion - University of Groningen
How do secular city dwellers find meaning and spirituality in an urban context?Founder CityKerk Amsterdam
ModeratorTV/Radio presenter
What's the sound of different religious traditions making theater?by ZID Theater
How connecting to my roots helps me to find a sense of purpose in the cityCo founder 180 amsterdammers
Modern monks in urban settings: a new trend?Pastor & PhD researcher - Protestant Theological University
Let's face it: religion is here to stay.Independent Journalist
Author of ‘Ongelofelijk!’ on the surprising comeback of religion

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Experiences of a pentecostal missionary in AmsterdamSenior Pastor -The Redeemed Christian Church of God
What does the story of one building tell us about the future of religion in the city?Assistant Professor Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies - University Utrecht
How Nada Yoga helps me to find peace and solitude in the cityjournalist & founder DesiYUP, an Indian Music portal
What do social media tell us about how urban religion is lived?postdoctoral researcher in sociology at the University of Amsterdam
Which urban spaces shape the identities of young Muslims?PhD researcher faculty of spatial sciences - University of Groningen
How did the religious history of Amsterdam shape the city?Associate Professor Department of History and Art History - University Utrecht
How meditation and insight dialogue help me to find peace and quiet in the city.journalist and philosopher
Writing a book on secular spirituality

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23 & 24 June 2018 | CityWalk Sacred Places and pop-up Flowerchapel

The VU and UvA organise a three-hour city walk that will take you to some special sacred places in town.
The walk starts at the Nicolaaskerk, opposite Amsterdam CS and it will end at a Flowerchapel, specially designed for the festival in the Oosterkerk, in collaboration with City Church Amsterdam. Free entrance to the Flowerchapel from 12.00 – 16.00

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Initiatief van Firma Hoe Dan Wel

De Staat Van God is een initiatief van Firma Hoe Dan Wel, en geïnspireerd op het Amsterdamse ‘De Staat van de Stad’. Op deze avonden brengen we de nieuwste feiten en cijfers op gebied van religie op de planken voor een breed publiek. De eerste editie vond plaats in 2017 in de Amsterdamse Stadsschouwburg.

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